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gazetashekulli.orgShekulli online first started to get build as a website by a student from the city of Elbasan in Albania that was kind of in love with this daily best sale best news paper in the country. After learning not so well building websites he then started to look for some good keywords that were searched in big number online. After failing one word to another he thought of his news paper that he used to buy everyday in the morning while drinking his coffee on the street bars. Isn’t this one of those stories that is have to be written in a book? Of course it is!

So let’s explain a little shortly about Gazeta Shekulli and we are not gonna name the student that had failed in every step mostly unemployment and didn’t know what to do, what he all had was his well spoken English his so so knowledge on computers and the love of webdesign.

Gazeta Shekulli is one of the oldest news papers in Albania and is one of those news papers that isn’t included much into those shady sides of politics but brings light into every corrupted politician and does not care much about the political party that is ruling the country even tho that in many cases those corrupted politicians have throw gazeta shekulli in many cases into court and the bad side has always won. Even with this bad influences during the news paper career Shekulli has managed to stay in feed and till this day is one of the best sale news paper and is loved by the public so much and the journalists that work for it are mostly all known all over the country.

After the student finding out that Gazeta Shekulli had no website he didn’t thino twice but quickly started his work build the website which we are going to give the link at the end of our article, and now is one of the bests newspaper website on the web in Albanian territories.

This was the short story about the student that was working hard to build some kind of a great website but didn’t know what and now he is a part of the most loved news paper in the country and has a big role on the website that he mostly owns now after at the end he build that website himself. If you want to inform in more details about this wonderful story about gazeta shekulli then go right here and learn this story in specific details and learn the daily news and much other informative stuff.

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